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Zyxel NSA210 HomeNAS 1bay SATA

Zyxel NSA210 HomeNAS 1bay SATA
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4718937507528Centralized digital media server for storing, streaming and sharing multimedia files The ZyXEL NSA210 is a DLNA 1.5-certified media server appliance for users having high demand for protecting valuable collections. With high-volume hard disks of up to 2TB, USB 2.0 and eSATA interfaces, the NSA210 can perform as centralized library for easy data management at home. - 1-bay digital media server with capacity of up to 2TB - DLNA 1.5-certified server compatible with a wide range of media devices - Supports iTunes server, SqueezeCenter and photo album servers for music/photo streaming and sharing - Runs eMule/BitTorrent/FTP/HTTP downloads independant of PC - Eco-friendly power scheduling saves energy - Instant/scheduled backup solutions to protect valuable files - Built-in RSS client and server enable auto-download and notification - Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.) for hard disk health monitoring Centralized Media Server for Multimedia Streaming The ZyXEL NSA210 1-Bay Digital Media Server supports high-volume hard disks of up to 2TB for home users, and its UPnP and DLNA 1.5-certified features make it easy to access, share and enjoy music and videos from any compatible media players. You can playback contents stored in the NSA210 through DLNA-capable digital media players, mobile phones, PDAs or game consoles. Working with ZyXEL's DMA-2500 Full HD Digital Media Streamer, NSA210 allows you to stream high-definition contents everywhere for even better digital enjoyment. The ZyXEL NSA210 also supports multiple server technologies for multimedia sharing. Acting as an iTunes server, SqueezeCenter, personal blog and photo album server for PCs, laptops and SqueezeBoxes, NSA210 can make it easy to stream and share songs and photos. The user-friendly web-based NSA210 utility makes it easy and simple for users to install and manage in minutes. Through a new enhanced "Package Management", the advanced users can customize their preferred applications by few clicks. The selected application software will be automatically downloaded from ZyXEL website and goes through all the installation steps. It can save your storage capacity for applications you require and offer you the real-time application software support per your needs. Powerful Auto Download/Upload Platforms Freeing Up Your PC For saving your power usage, the NSA210's platform allows you to continuously download/upload files without powering on PC. - HTTP-- With the link capture support, you can just simply click on the hyperlink of the file in your web browser and the download link will be recognized by the NSA210. Then the file will be downloaded even if the PC is off. This is particularly useful for large and lengthy downloads, efficient to save enormous power and helpful for freeing up system resources of your computer. - BitTorrent and eMule-- The NSA210 features a BitTorrent client for fast downloading and sharing large files. With high-speed DHT (Distributed Hash Tables) mode and TCP/UDP tracker protocols support, the NSA210 overcomes the drawbacks of slow and disrupted downloading; and it also supports eMule for downloading. - RSS-- After you subscribe the RSS feeds and add the links to NSA210, the built-in RSS client enables the NSA210 to automatically download the latest digital contents, such as TV programs and Podcasts. . With RSS server support, you can receive notifications for completed download tasks and enjoy new media contents based on the personal preference. - FTP Server-- With the NSA210, you can establish your own FTP server and manage access authorization for it. The auto-upload function can automatically upload files stored in the NSA to FTP servers; it's a very efficient way to update multiple FTP servers and share with your friends and family. - Flickr / YouTube-- The NSA210 supports auto-upload to Flickr and YouTube as well. With simple setup steps, newly updated photos and videos stored in the NSA210 can be automatically uploaded to Flickr and YouTube effortlessly.
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