Zyxel EMG5324-D10A Ethernet integrated access device

Zyxel P-2301R-P1C VoIP ATA / Station Gateway

Zyxel P-2301R-P1C VoIP ATA / Station Gateway
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VoIP ATA / Station Gateway - Connect and call VoIP ATA

- Configurable Router / Bridge modes
- Multiple SIP numbers and voice channels enable wider telephone service options over the Internet
- Media Bandwidth Management (MBM) Quality of Service (QoS) prioritizes the operation of time-consuming applications to ensure optimal performance
- Wide deployment and messages with Auto Provisioning Server

Configuration of Bridge / Routing modes in a friendly user interface
Bridge / routing can be manually configured by the user in a friendly web interface. This makes it very easy to configure the device for use in any network environment. For service providers in particular, this means a huge advantage - it is possible to dramatically reduce stocks of products with different firmware alternatives.

Rich feature set for calls
Directly in this ZyXEL VoIP device, a rich range of sophisticated call-facilitating features is integrated. Thus, users can use, for example, call forwarding, conference calling, call transfer, etc., using a web-based graphical user interface and keyboard.

Efficient bandwidth management
The VoIP device allows network administrators to efficiently allocate network resources while guaranteeing Quality of Service (QoS). Bandwidth management increases productivity and efficiency. The system can then allocate network resources "tailor-made" and flexibly meet the specific requirements of time-consuming applications such as VoIP and multimedia.Item is not in the original packaging and may have small scratches.

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